We run day care centre for elderly people aged over 50+. We are a voluntary community registered charity organisation which is non-profitable. Our all committee members (staff) are old, retired and volunteers. We have got over 160 registered members who come at our centre. We provide healthy and nutritious hot meals including tea-time. Some of other activities are prayers, some wonderful trips, some sessions like exercise sessions, body massaging sessions, yoga sessions, and arts & crafts sessions etc….. We run day care centre at two venues. One is at St. Wilfred Church, St.
    Wilfred Road, Bradford. BD7 2LU and at Clayton Methodist Church, Clayton Lane, Bradford. BD14 6PA.


    Our aim is to  promote the relief of elderly people, in perticular the elderly  in any manner deemed by law to be charitable.We  provide provisions to meet basic and culturally sensitive needs of the elderly living in Bradford area.We  raise awareness of specific needs of the elderly in order to strengthen linkages and support systems with voluntary and statutory sector. We utilise and develop under-used community facilities and buildings in both statutory and voluntary sectors for use by elderly within the Bradford area. We provide a caring service for the elderly by way of home and hospital visits and family support. We provide culturally sensitive day resource services, including a luncheon club,recreational facilities including customary food, social activities, entertainment, games, outings, visits and preventive health care. We provide a platform for the development of mutual self help, adoption and implementation of effective policies.

    Our all 160 registered members are really old and suffer from different kind ofdisabilities. Our members are from Bradford and Leeds surrounding areas. Our some members suffer from diabetes, dementia, depression, arthritis, etc……. We provide some wonderful activities which can occupy their mind in something and they feel better after been at our centre.